Our Inspiration

People all over the world are turning to R, Python, and other open-source programming languages, to make sense of data.

Inspired by innovators in science, education, government, and industry, RStudio develops free and open tools for R, and enterprise-ready professional products for teams who use both R and Python, to scale and share their work.

Today, millions of people download and use RStudio open-source products in their daily lives while thousands of organizations and individuals, who have the need and ability to pay for our commercial products on premises or online, help us to sustain this work. It is exciting to consider that we are helping many participate in global economies that increasingly reward data literacy.

Our Mission

RStudio’s mission is to create free and open-source software for data science, scientific research, and technical communication. We do this to enhance the production and consumption of knowledge by everyone, regardless of economic means, and to facilitate collaboration and reproducible research, both of which are critical to the integrity and efficacy of work in science, education, government, and industry.

RStudio also produces RStudio Team, a modular platform of commercial software products that give organizations the confidence to adopt R, Python and other open-source data science software at scale - for the benefit of many people, to leverage large amounts of data, to integrate with existing enterprise systems, platforms, and processes, or be compliant with security practices and standards - along with online services to make it easier to learn and use them over the web.

Together, RStudio’s open-source software and commercial software form a virtuous cycle: The adoption of open-source data science software at scale in organizations creates demand for RStudio’s commercial software; and the revenue from commercial software, in turn, enables deeper investment in the open-source software that benefits everyone.

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Our Commitment

RStudio believes that corporations should be run for the benefit of all of their stakeholders including employees, customers, and the community at large. Consequently, RStudio is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) and a Certified B Corporation®, which means that our open-source mission is codified into our charter, and that our corporate decisions must balance the interests of community, customers, employees, and shareholders. Certified B Corporations® (B Corps™) are for-profit companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

RStudio currently spends over 50% of its engineering resources on open-source software and leads contributions to over 250 open-source projects, targeting a broad range of areas including the RStudio IDE; infrastructure libraries for R; numerous packages and tools to streamline data manipulation, exploration and visualization, modeling, and machine learning; and integration with external data sources. RStudio also sponsors or contributes to more than a dozen open-source initiatives led by others, and invests in Ursa Labs to support the Apache Arrow project, a cross-language development platform for in-memory data aiming to maximize the benefits of modern compute hardware.

RStudio measures its public benefit by utilizing the non-profit B Lab®’s “Impact Assessment”, a rigorous assessment of a company’s impact on its workers, customers, community, and environment. RStudio is pleased to report that it has met the B Corporation certification requirements set by the B Lab. The Certification process uses credible, comprehensive, transparent, and independent standards of social and environmental performance.

Further details are available in our annual public benefit report at https://www.rstudio.com/about/pbc-report and at https://bcorporation.net/directory/rstudio.

RStudio believes that the best way to pursue its mission is to operate as an independent company. As a PBC, we have the ownership and governance structure required to ensure that we can remain independent over the long term, with the support of our customers, employees, and the community.

Our Affiliations

The R Consortium is a collaboration between the R Foundation, RStudio, Microsoft, TIBCO, Google, Oracle, HP and others. It’s chartered to fund and inspire ideas that will enable R to become an even better platform for science, research, and industry.
RStudio and Shiny are affiliated projects of the Foundation for Open Access Statistics. FOAS works to ensure the continued success of the Journal of Statistical Software (JSS), one of the few major open access journals that is free for both readers and authors. They also promote the use and development of free software for statistics, such as the R language and environment for computational statistics.
RStudio is proud to be a corporate sponsor of NumFOCUS, whose mission is to promote open practices in research, data, and scientific computing. NumFocus provides fiscal sponsorship for open source projects such as NumPy, pandas, SciPy and Jupyter, and organizes community-driven educational programs.
RStudio PBC is a sponsor of the Linux Foundation, which supports the creation of sustainable open source ecosystems by providing financial and intellectual resources, infrastructure, services, events, and training.

Meet the Team

Ferit Albukrek
VP, Engineering
Taner Alkaya
QA Engineer
J.J. Allaire
Jenn Allen
QA Engineer
Jeff Allen
Director of Engineering
Ricardo Andrade
Software Engineer
Cole Arendt
Solutions Engineer
Aron Atkins
Software Engineer
Mara Averick
Developer Advocate
Omar Baba
Software Engineer
Lou Bajuk
Sr. Director, Product Marketing
Melissa Barca
Software Engineer
Neha Bawa
Senior Revenue Accountant
Ming Beckwith
Software Engineer
Mike Bessuille
Director of Engineering, IDE
Robert Bethell
Programs Marketing
James Blair
Solutions Engineer
Ron Blum
QA Engineer
Phil Bowsher
Director Life Sciences Practice
Jessica Brennan
Payroll and Benefits Partner
Jenny Bryan
Software Engineer
Dan Buch
Software Engineer
Shawn Burke
VP, Finance
Nathan Calies
Technical Support Engineer
Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel
Data Scientist and Professional Educator
Lauren Chadwick
Customer Success Representative
Winston Chang
Software Engineer
Chaita Chaudhari
QA Engineer
Richard Chen
QA Engineer
Joe Cheng
Donna Choi
Senior UI/UX Designer
Jay Clark
Technical Support Engineer
Jim Clemens
VP, Sales
Adam Conroy
Software Engineer
Kaia Cooper
Recruiting/Onboarding Co-op
Simon Couch
Intern, tidymodels
Emily Crisan
Technical Support Engineer
Gabor Csardi
Software Engineer
Jonathan Curran
Software Engineer
Desirée De Leon
Data Science Educator
Andrie de Vries
Solutions Engineer
Rachael Dempsey
Enterprise Advocate
Michael Demsko Jr.
Enterprise Advocate
Hadrien Dykiel
Customer Success Representative
Mark Engeln
Sales Development Manager
Sabrina Evans
Major Accounts Executive
Daniel Falbel
Software Engineer
Karl Feinauer
Software Engineer
Mario Ferrini
QA Engineer
Tonya Filz
Manager - Customer Success Team
Tyler Finethy
Software Engineer
Josh Forest
Site Reliability Engineer
Romain Francois
Software Engineer
Amanda Gadrow
Director, QA and Support
Saudia Ganie
Technical Recruiting Lead
Kevin Gartland
QA Engineer
Elisa Gladu
Field Marketing Specialist
Alex Gold
Solutions Engineer
Mel Gregory
Software Engineer
Garrett Grolemund
Director of Learning
Darby Hadley
Quality Assurance Lead
Shannon Hagerty
Customer Success Rep
Janeka Handford
Manager of Technical Operations
Kevin Hankens
Software Engineer
Kevin Hayden
Major Accounts Executive
Jen Hecht
VP, People Operations
Lionel Henry
Software Engineer
Ashley Henry
Technical Writer
Jim Hester
Software Engineer
Rob Hewardt
Alison Hill
Data Scientist and Professional Educator
Taylor Hoover
Data Scientist
Kaitlyn Horwitz
Culture & Community Partner
Carl Howe
Content Lead
Dave Hurst
Business Development Director
Rich Iannone
Software Engineer
Devin Johnson
Intern, Engineering
Rick Johnson
Director of Information Security
Ryan Johnson
Customer Success Representative
Monte Jones
IT Systems Administrator
Ezgi Karaesmen
Intern, Tidymodels
Tareef Kawaf
Derrick Kearney
QA Engineer
Curtis Kephart
Community Organizer, Economist
Sigrid Keydana
Applied Researcher
Ben Kietzman
Software Engineer
Andy Kipp
Software Engineer
Pete Knast
RStudio Cloud Growth Director
Stephen Kress
Software Engineer
Max Kuhn
Software Engineer
Kevin Kuo
Software Engineer
Kayla Laenen
Staff Accountant
Matt Lands
Software Engineer
Jeremy Lang
VP, Customer Success
Brian Law
Customer Success Representative
Yitao Li
Software Engineer
Leticia Lima
Site Reliability Engineer
Greg Lin
Software Engineer
Sarah Lin
Information Architect & Digital Librarian
Sean Lopp
Product Manager
Javier Luraschi
Software Engineer
Michael Marchetti
Software Engineer
Katie Masiello
Customer Success Representative
Lawrence Mayfield
QA Engineer
Richard McCombie
Technical Support Engineer
Tim McDuff
QA Engineer
Wes McKinney
Software Architect
Jonathan McPherson
Software Engineer
Christina Medeiros
Marketing Automation Specialist
Karen Medina
Software Engineer
Jason Milnes
Major Accounts Executive
Tom Mock
Customer Success Representative
Nichole Monhait
Customer Success Representative
Toni Noble
QA Engineer
Steve Nolen
Site Reliability Engineer
Kelly O'Briant
Solutions Engineer
Roger Oberg
Strategy & Business Development
Kristopher Overholt
Solutions Engineer
Josiah Parry
Customer Success Representative
Thomas Pedersen
Software Engineer
Sam Perman
Software Engineer
Daniel Petzold
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Eric Pite
VP, Education Products
Ian Pylvainen
Technical Support Engineer
Matt Quarles
Chief Revenue Officer
Neal Richardson
Engineering Director, Ursa Labs
Joseph Rickert
R Community Ambassador
Gary Ritchie
Software Engineer
Daniel Rodriguez
Solutions Engineer
Ingrid Rodriguez
Software Engineer
Nick Rohrbaugh
Customer Success Representative
Anne Romano
Events Manager
Elena Ruiz
Customer Success Representative
Latoya Rutherford-Littlejohn
Technical Support Engineer
Bill Sager
Software Engineer
Francois Saint-Jacques
Software Engineer
Michael Sarahan
Software Engineer
Barret Schloerke
Software Engineer
Maria Semple
Software Engineer
JooYoung Seo
Intern, Accessibility Engineer
Robby Shaver
VP, Product Design
Katie Shellenberger
Sales Operations Specialist
Nischal Shrestha
Intern, Python
Stephen Siegert
Solutions Engineer
Carson Sievert
Software Engineer
Julia Silge
Software Engineer
Gagandeep Singh
Solutions Engineer
Swati Sinha
QA Engineer
Sean Sinnott
Software Engineer
Brian Smith
Software Engineer
Jill Solovey
Director of Engineering
Josh Spiewak
Engineering Lead
Paulina Staszuk
Head of Customer Solutions
Nathan Stephens
Director, Solutions Engineering
Ralf Stubner
Solutions Engineer
Greg Swinehart
Creative Lead
Madhulika Tanuboddi
QA Engineer
Charles Teague
Software Architect
Chris Tierney
Software Engineer
Shalu Tiwari
Software Engineer
Samantha Toet
Partner Marketing Specialist
Kevin Ushey
Software Engineer
Davis Vaughan
Software Engineer
Ann Vermeersch
Katherine Vu
Office Manager
Clay Walker
Software Engineer
Steve Wan
Technical Support Engineer
Hadley Wickham
Chief Scientist
Sandra Wilkins
Director of Marketing
Greg Wilson
Data Scientist and Professional Educator
Yihui Xie
Software Engineer
Jonathan Yoder
Software Engineer
Heath Young
Technical Support Engineer
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