RStudio Resellers

RStudio Resellers

Has your customer asked you about RStudio?

RStudio creates many of the most popular tools for the statistical programming environment R. Our free and open source integrated development environment (IDE) for R is used by millions of people around the world. We are delighted to work with resellers for sales of our commercial products.


Businesses typically want to purchase RStudio Desktop software because they: * Prefer to buy commercially licensed software * Want access to RStudio premium support

Steps to quote and order RStudio Desktop licenses for your customer

  1. Find out how much our software costs. Provide a quote for your customer.
  2. Register with us so we know whom to credit.
  3. Check your email for your discount coupon. When you register and tell us what your customer wants, we will email you a coupon to use when placing your order. The coupon will discount your purchase by 10%, which is our referral payment to you. Unless you are ordering 10 or more licenses, you must order online and use a credit card. If your customer is ordering more than 10 licenses, contact sales.
  4. Place your customer’s order. The default order is 1 license. Add more if needed. Be sure to enter your coupon.
  5. Send your customer their license. You will receive an email confirming your purchase and providing software download instructions, which you must forward to your customer. The email does not mention the price paid. By downloading the software from this link your customer will be replacing their open source license with a commercial license.
  6. In a separate email you will receive a receipt for your purchase.


Businesses typically purchase RStudio and Shiny Server Pro for the same reasons as RStudio Desktop plus they:

  • Require greater security than is provided by our open source products
  • Want their developers and end users of their applications to experience higher levels of performance
  • Value the administrative control and server-wide visibility offered only in our Pro products

Steps to quote and order RStudio Server Pro or Shiny Server Pro for your customer

  1. Register with us.
  2. When you register and tell us what your customer wants, we will email you an RStudio Order Form.
  3. Complete the Order Form, including your form of payment. It will identify your company as the “Bill to” party and your customer as the “Customer”. Your customer MUST sign the Order Form. It acknowledges our software license terms which are between RStudio and the Customer.
  4. Send us your company’s Purchase Order. Your PO should discount the total list price by 10%, which is our referral payment to you. Or pay online with a credit card, using a discount coupon provided by your RStudio account executive.
  5. You will receive two emails: One will be an invoice from RStudio only to your company. The second will be the installation and download instructions. It will be sent to your customer with a copy for you.


Did your customer ask about Sorry. is a hosted service that can only be ordered directly by end user customers with a credit card.