"RStudio Connect was the only solution we saw that allowed us to replicate the interactivity that our users got in spreadsheets, but hosted on a server for ease of access and maintainability, and built around more complex statistical approaches that R enabled."

Jared Goulart, Director of Operations Analytics, Redfin

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Securely publish your data science

RStudio Connect is a publishing platform for the work your teams create in R and Python. Share Shiny applications, R Markdown reports, Plumber APIs, dashboards, Jupyter Notebooks, interactive Python content, and more in one convenient place.

Use push-button publishing from the RStudio IDE, scheduled execution of reports, and flexible security policies to bring the power of data science to your entire enterprise.

New Features

A Place for Python

Share Flask APIs and interactive applications (including Dash, Bokeh, and Streamlit) on a platform made for multilingual teams.

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Pin Data and Models

Stop copying files between projects, easily share data and schedule model updates.

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Custom Emails

Make beautiful emails from code, include plots and results, and send important notifications with custom triggers.

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Deploy with Git

Setup a Git integration in seconds, and automatically publish when you commit.

Built for your entire organization

Data Scientist

Discovered amazing results with R and Python. Needs to SHARE them quickly in a reproducible, secure, and performant place.

VP of Analytics

Hired a talented team. Wants to ENCOURAGE best practices, collaboration, and growth without reinventing wheels. Ultimately must DEMONSTRATE VALUE quickly.


Invested in data science, and now needs to LEVERAGE their insight to make decisions. Wants fast access to reports, models, and dashboards.

IT / Ops

Equipped data science teams with tools. Wants to SCALE and SUPPORT these efforts without fighting R and Python packages.


Manages secure databases and SSO systems. Needs to INTEGRATE data science products securely and easily.

RStudio Connect Editions


20 Named Users per year
Single Server Activation

  • Includes:
  • Pro Drivers
  • Publish Shiny, RMarkdown and Jupyter


100 Named Users per year
Single Server Activation

  • Includes all Base Features
  • + Publish APIs and Interactive Python Data Products


500 Named Users per year
Unrestricted Server Activations

  • Includes all Standard Features
  • + Execution Server

Consider RStudio Team

RStudio Connect is just one part of RStudio’s recommended professional data science solution. Get the convenience, simplicity, and savings of RStudio’s popular professional software for statistical data analysis, package management, and sharing data products bundled together. Available in editions for smaller and larger organizations. Learn more

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