RStudio Preview Release Notes

RStudio v1.2.5033-1 Preview Release Notes

December 4th, 2019

NOTE: The version of RStudio described here is currently available as a Preview Release.


  • Add compatibility with recent versions of the shinytest package (#5677, #5703)
  • Eliminate warnings when using _R_CHECK_LENGTH_1_CONDITION_ (#5268, #5363)
  • Ensure compatibility with Boost 1.72.0 (#5742)
  • Set Server Name Indication (SNI) on outbound HTTPS requests for compatibility with TLS 1.3 (#5757)
  • Session configuration option to customize environment variables saved when session suspends (#5769)

Server Pro

  • Add ability to configure Slurm command line tools location for the Slurm Launcher Plugin (#1298)
  • Fix an issue where the Slurm service user must have a home directory for the Slurm Launcher Plugin (#1286)
  • Fix an issue where errors are ignored when validating the version of Slurm for the Slurm Launcher Plugin (#1287)
  • Add documentation for load balancing limitations, module support, and support for multiple versions of R with the Slurm Launcher Plugin (#1296)

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