RStudio Preview Release Notes

RStudio v1.3.1054-1 Preview Release Notes

June 27th, 2020

NOTE: The version of RStudio described here is currently available as a Preview Release.


  • R 4.0.0’s raw string literals are now handled properly by the diagnostics engine. (#6788)
  • Allow projects to reopen after a crash (#3220)
  • Added spellcheck blacklist item for preview Latvian dictionary (#6594)
  • Allow multiple space-separated domains in www-frame-origin for Tutorial API (Pro)
  • Update rstudioapi highlightUi call to accept a callback variable containing an R script to be executed after the highlight element has been selected (#67565)
  • Adds class attributed to RMarkdown chunks, their control buttons, and their output based on their given labels. (#6787)
  • Add option www-url-path-prefix to force a path on auth cookies (Pro #1608)
  • Add additional keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+`) for Focus Console Output accessibility command (#6850)
  • Always set application role for screen readers and removed related accessibility preference checkbox (#6863)
  • Update NOTICE for Ace editor license (#7102)


  • Announce text of warnings bar via screen reader (#6963)
  • Fix issue where projects using renv sometimes failed to load (#7077)
  • Fix issue where attempts to create clusters via parallel package failed on macOS (#6692)
  • Fix display issue with keyboard shortcut in Modify Keyboard Shortcuts dialog (#7142)
  • Fix ‘truncating string with embedded nuls’ warning being emitted when saving R Notebook (#6932)
  • Fix Compare Results and other incompatibility with newer versions of the shinytest package (#6960)
  • Fix Terminal to work with both Git-Bash and RTools4 MSYS2 installed on Windows (#6696, #6809)
  • Fix auto-activation of JAWS screen reader virtual cursor in Console Output region (#6884)
  • Fix dependency installation for untitled buffers (#6762)
  • Fix failure to open source files when debugging some functions in R 4.0.0 (work around R bug in deparse()) (#6854)
  • Fix failure to use the first project template and default open files (#6865)
  • Fix issue where R_LIBS_SITE could be forcibly set empty, overriding the value in /etc/R/REnviron (#6982)
  • Fix keybinding failure when global keybindings exists but user keybindings don’t (#6870)
  • Fixed Chromium issue when using RStudio Desktop on Linux systems with newer glibc (#6379)
  • Fixed install issue where service scripts would not be created if there was no /lib/systemd path (Pro #6710)
  • Fixed issue where an attempt to create more sessions than the license limit would fail with a generic error (Pro #1680)
  • Fixed issue where users could not save files in home directory if specified by UNC path (#6598)
  • Fixed issue where file upload would fail when the file already existed (#7015)
  • Fix sign out from the Admin Dashboard when behind a path-rewriting proxy (Pro #1709)
  • Fix “Login as user” from the Admin Dashboard when using Launcher sessions (Pro #1710)
  • Fix issue with first esc keypress being ignored (#7045)
  • Fix issue with spellcheck not working with realtime turned off (#7068)
  • Fix error when some HTML comments are included in R Markdown documents (#6997)
  • Fix issue where toolbar buttons were missing on initialization (#7076)
  • Fix error in Viewer pane when previewing Distill blogs (#6945)
  • Fix misalignment of some number cells in the data viewer (#6975)
  • Fix C++ autocompletion results missing on macOS in some contexts (#7097)
  • Fix misleading errors report for verify-installation without Launcher (Pro #1718)
  • Fix Global Options failure to launch when missing secondary repositories (#7116)
  • Send keyboard focus to the Source pane when creating new files (#7103)
  • Fix failure to open HTML widgets from the Viewer in an external web browser on Windows with R >= 4.0.0 (#6893)
  • Fix “cannot access the file” error with rstan when Viewer is open (#7046)
  • Fix launching jobs from working directories with spaces on their names (Pro #1708)
  • Update editor toolbar when R Markdown documents are switched to/from Notebook mode in YAML header (#7051)
  • Fix error when invoking spell check manually on some languages (#7018)
  • Fix RStudio Desktop Pro Job Launcher connections and path mappings (Pro #1726 and Pro #1727)
  • Fix painting of Appearance pane in Global Options on RStudio Desktop (#6268)
  • Fix Alt+- shortcut to insert assignment operator in R Markdown documents (#7169)
  • Fix issue with duplicated signature tooltips in R Markdown documents (#7154)
  • Fix issue with chunk toolbars not showing up in some cases (#7067)
  • Fix RStudio Server Pro issue where R version modules would sometimes not be able to modify the PATH environment variable (Pro #1737)
  • Fix dealing with expired sessions due to inactivity or signed out when using multiple browser tabs (Pro #1731, #7205)
  • Fix dropdowns not repopulating after being closed via keyboard shortcut #7215

RStudio Server Pro

  • New option server-project-sharing-root-dir allows project sharing outside user home directories (Pro #1340)
  • Update embedded nginx to 1.17.10

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