Download Shiny Server Pro v1.5.14.1053

Thank you for your interest in Shiny Server Pro.

For Shiny applications, you have options:

  • RStudio Connect is a publishing platform for all the work your teams create in R and Python.
  • If you prefer for us to host your Shiny applications, one of our plans is sure to work for you.
  • If you only require a platform for sharing Shiny applications, Shiny Server Pro is still supported. However, it is not being actively developed. We strongly recommend customers consider RStudio Connect instead.

We currently offer 64-bit packages for Ubuntu 16.04+, Red Hat/CentOS 6+, and SLES 12+. The instructions for downloading and installing these binaries are available below.

Download or use of Shiny Server Pro is governed under the terms of the RStudio End User License Agreement.

By downloading you agree to the terms posted here.

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